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September 29, 2010 Update:
With the posting of the picture of the lighted, completed Clark Davis Way sign, this serves as our final “Thank You” for the generosity displayed by the community during the fundraising and construction efforts that led to the completion of the Clark Davis Way Project.  Many individuals contributed their money, time, and manual labor towards this tribute to Mr. Davis.  

April 13, 2010 Update:
We want to start this update with a loud "Thank You!" to all the community members and others who have so generously supported the Clark Davis Way Project. Donations received now total over $8,000 and, except for some final touches and the installation of lighting, the project is complete! Here's a quick recap:

Last fall a committee was organized by Board of Education member Kevin Kemmerer to discuss an appropriate way to honor former Superintendent Clark Davis and the "Clark Davis Way Project" was born.

The entry way to the high school was officially named for Mr. Davis.

A suitable sign designating the drive as Clark Davis Way Drive was designed and constructed. Lighting should be complete by the end of May.

A bronze plaque honoring Mr. Davis has been installed in the high school entry lobby.
Any additional donations received will continue to go toward the cost of the Falcon Sculpture Project planned for the high school courtyard.

We'd like to give special thanks to four major contributors to the project--Mark Lorenzi, architect; Elisha Lorenzi, designer; John Brewer, mason; and Don Hillyard, local contractor for the excavation work.

Once again, we'd like to thank all of you who supported these efforts and thus contributed to a fitting tribute to our friend
Mr. Clark Davis.

February 26, 2010 Update:
Despite the winter weather, the Clark Davis Way Project continues to roll along! You’ll remember that our initial goal was to raise enough money to construct a sign at the high school designating the entrance drive as Clark Davis Way. Any additional money collected beyond this cost would go towards the purchase of a bronze plaque, to be installed in the high school entry lobby, in honor of Mr. Davis. The community has been so very generous! Donations received now total $7,320 which, along with some work to be donated by some equally generous residents, is enough to pay for both projects! Thanks to all those who made this project a reality. Again, any additional donations received will go towards the cost of the Falcon sculpture planned for the high school courtyard.

If you haven’t already done so, then as time permits, we hope you will be able to stop by our new high school to view the bronze plaque honoring Mr. Davis. It has now been installed in our main lobby area. If you’re unable to stop in to see it, you can click here for a view of the plaque.

An appropriate spot on the high school entrance driveway has now been laid out with temporary stakes - please check it out and give us your feedback. The project’s sub-committee has met a few times with both the designers of the sign and the mason who will construct the sign. Masonry materials - brick, limestone, and pre-cast concrete beams - have been selected and ordered. Everything is on track for an April start, with May 15th the goal for completion. Thanks again for all your support.


January 22, 2010 Update:
It has now been about one month since fund raising efforts began for the Clark Davis Way Project and it’s time to update everyone. You’ll remember that the total cost of the project is estimated to be $6,400. Donations received to date now total $4,125, putting us about 65% of the way towards our goal. Thank you to all who have donated!

The sign sub-committee has continued to meet and is in the process of finalizing details. Sample materials are being gathered and a specific site location on the high school drive is being discussed. Temporary site pins will be installed in the near future, and then the site will be reviewed to make sure of the exact placement of the sign. Plans continue for an April start, with May 15th still the goal for completion.

Finally, the plaque honoring Mr. Davis has been received and will be in place by the end of next week. You will be able to view it in the high school entry lobby, centered above the display case.

Thanks again to all who have donated to make this plan become a reality!


In the fall of 2009 a group of area citizens, Fairfield Union teachers and administrators, and Board of Education members met to discuss ways to honor former Superintendent Clark Davis for his vision and leadership that served as the foundation for academic excellence and facilities construction in the district. This committee decided an appropriate way to recognize Mr. Davis’s contributions would be to name the entry drive to the new high school Clark Davis Way.

In December, the group met again to view sketches of possible designs for a structure that would accomplish two purposes-to clarify traffic flow around the circular drive and serve as a tribute and reminder of Mr. Davis’s many contributions to the Fairfield Union Schools.

The Board of Education is committed to the project. Our committee’s goal is to raise as much as possible towards the estimated $6,400 cost of the project. If you are interested in contributing to the Clark Davis Way project, View Form.

If you have any questions, contact Mike Destadio, Assistant Superintendent, at the Fairfield Union District Office at 536-7384.
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